Tiki Tunes Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers (Set of 2)

Now You Can Instantly Turn Any Hangout Into A “Chill-Out” With Portable Ambience!

Now and then an imaginative item goes along that is simply so damn cool you nearly must choose the option to get it! And most definitely, THIS is completely one of those items!

Why, you inquire?

It’s straightforward –  instant atmosphere!

When you need to relax and relax, what are the two things you consider first to help set the state of mind?

The truth is out… lighting and music!

All things considered, nothing says ‘delayed down, unwind, appreciate a cool one or a pleasant glass of vino and welcome all that life brings to the table’ better than the soft shine of the flashing blazes from a Tiki Torch.

On the other hand, music can in a flash modify your disposition and perspective.

So which do you pick – music or lighting?

Well… choices, choices.

All things considered, choice time is finished! Since now you can enjoy BOTH simultaneously.


TikiTunes – the remote indoor/open air Bluetooth speaker that serves as a Tiki Torch. It’s effectively one of the coolest, most creative items to hit the market in years!

Presently I’m ready to appreciate the delicate gleam of the flashing flares of a Tiki Torch while it ALSO fills my preferred air with the music.

The truth is out!

Is it a Tiki Torch that plays music? Is it a speaker that seems as though a Tiki Torch? Insight: It’s both!

Anybody Can Enjoy This Portable Mood Setter!

Alright, in the event that you don’t have a cell phone or tablet or whatever other gadget that can transmit music by means of Bluetooth, than TikiTunes most likely isn’t for you.

Be that as it may, for every other person, you’re going to adore it as much as I do – ensured!

The way that I can take Tiki Tunes any place I need to tune in to music and make an awesome air with cool lighting is really sweet.

Presently I realize what you’re thinking –  But I can play music anyplace utilizing my telephone. Of course, however how frequently do you head off to some place that you can without much of a stretch change the lighting to help set the correct state of mind? I’d contend once in a while, if at any time!

In addition, contrasted with my phone, Tiki Tunes sound incredible –there’s simply no examination!

With Tiki Tunes I can instantly transform any drilling place into a move party, relax, sentimental hideaway, or sweet alcove.

Take TikiTunes ANYWHERE…

  • Back Patio
  • Bedroom
  • Garage
  • Yoga Class
  • Living Room
  • Beach
  • Bathroom (while soaking in a bath)
  • BBQ at the Park
  • Camping

TikiTunes truly is the least demanding and coolest approach to change the atmosphere of any space in a split second!

How Can It Work?

Utilizing remote Bluetooth innovation, I can stream music from my telephone (iOS or Android) from up to 30 feet away.

The TikiTune speaker utilizes a 2000 mAh battery-powered battery that lets me ceaselessly stream music for as long as 6 hours!

MY FAVORITE FEATURE: I can match two speakers together so it gives me a killer sound system sound effect –it’s astounding!

Watch And Listen The Awesomeness Of TikiTunes…

Get Mood Going – Anywhere, Anytime!

I don’t think about you, yet as I said to start with when I saw TikiTunes just because… it was unexplainable adoration! It’s really a distinct advantage, or should I say state of mind changer (hahaha)! When it comes to taking climate to the following level, there’s in no way like Tiki Tunes!

Also, far and away superior, it makes for a genuinely novel gift! Imagine the expression on their appearances when they open up your blessing to uncover a Tiki Torch-Speaker! Obviously, I wouldn’t reprimand you for saving it for yourself… in which case you can envision the expression on their countenances when they see YOUR Tiki Tune just because!

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