Safe Grabs – Microwave Mat Prevents Finger Burns

This Simple Invention From Shark Tank Is a MUST-Have For Your Home (And The Reason Might Surprise You)

I love inventive kitchen items that make life simpler – isn’t that right?

Cooking and cleaning are tedious and hard enough (particularly when you have a major family) – so anything that can spare time, diminish work, and dispose of pressure is a major success in my book.

Throughout the years, I’ve requested a bunch of things that have had a major effect like my Instant Pot, programmed vegetable chopper, and without hands stove cleaner – to give some examples.

These kitchen creations have been a HUGE assistance –  the issue is, we’re currently beginning to come up short on cupboard space 😱

So when I saw this new 8-in-1 development on a scene of Shark Tank, I needed to ask myself:

Do I truly require this?

Since it was sans chance to pursue 30 days and Lori put resources into it on Shark Tank (I love her items!), I chose to arrange one.

What’s more, brace yourself for what I’m about to tell you, it’s hands down the best buy I’ve made for my kitchen up until this point.

It’s Called Safe Grabs – And I Use It WAY More Than I Thought I Would

Safe Grabs is a 100% without bpa and food-grade silicone tangle that somebody ought to have thought of years back.

Since their presentation on Shark Tank, they’ve sold over $6 Million worth of these. To be straightforward, I’m not shocked, taking into account how much use you escape one.

Here are a portion of my preferred uses for Safe Grabs up until now:

  • Securely remove hot dishes from the microwave without consuming your fingers!
  • A trivet to shield tables and ledges from quite hot goulash dishes, heating skillet, and then some!
  • A hot pot and container holder with extra solid grasp – no broiler gloves required!
  • A splatter monitor for wiping out wrecks in my microwave and on my oven.
  • An extraordinary placemat – since it’s non-stick, non-slip, and excessively simple to clean.
  • The BEST container opener I’ve at any point utilized (truly, a container opener!) The excessively solid hold effectively opens the most difficult container tops!
  • The ideal spot to rest my hair straightener without harming my counter and to shield cosmetics and different toiletries from sneaking off.
  • A food spread to keep food warm and to fend all the bugs off when we’re eating outside.

In contrast to (the vast majority) of different things I’ve purchased for our kitchen, I utilize Safe Grabs pretty much consistently due to the amount they can do (and my better half and children love them as well!)

How Does Safe Grabs Work?

At first, Safe Grabs looks like a straightforward looking silicone tangle – the benevolent you find in the vast majority’s microwaves.

Be that as it may, look closer.

Those roundabout edges on one-side? These licensed edges are logically demonstrated to disseminate heat without letting it leak through to the opposite side.

So despite the fact that it looks slim, it’s actually heat-safe up to 475° Fahrenheit and 100% non-harmful at any temperature –which implies you can pull that steaming hot, newly heated lasagna out of the broiler promptly with no threat to your fingers or harm to your table/counter.

The edges are likewise ideal for taking a few to get back some composure on dangerous stuff, so you never need to stress over dropping a dish or having it sneak off the table (it’s additionally why it makes opening any container simple.)

It’s Even Top-Rack Dishwasher Safe, So Cleaning Is Easy!

My preferred thing about it? I LOVE the delightful way super space productive it is. I simply store mine in the microwave and it’s totally off the beaten path – yet helpfully there when I need it!

That implies I get the opportunity to keep my bureau space! 🙏


So as should be obvious, I completely love having Safe Grabs around and my family and I use it for numerous kinds things around the house. It’s genuinely been a magnificent expansion to our home and at the cost and flexibility, you actually can’t turn out badly.

In the event that you can identify with any of the abovementioned, than I enthusiastically suggest you look at it – I have no uncertainty you will adore it as much as I do!

Update: Beware of Counterfeits!

Safe Grabs has gotten amazingly well known – which implies there are a great deal of FAKES out there.

These inexpensively made gadgets attempt to duplicate the style of Safe Grabs, and some of them look really persuading… yet they're all efficiently made knockoffs! Also, in the event that they're made of anything but 100% BPA-Free Food Grade Silicone, they may even be TOXIC to you and your family.

Click here to get the original, patented, Safe Grabs.

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