Belissas Whitening: Reviewing the Teeth Whitening System

Belissas Whitening: Reviewing the Teeth Whitening System

Blue Light Power For – Your Red Carpet Smile

Proceed, show the world your excellent grin.

✔ Visibly Whiter Teeth quickly

✔ Tough on Discoloring, Gentle on Enamel

✔ Mess-Free Total Whitening Kit

The Big 6 of Teeth Discoloration

  1. Tea/CoffeeRich in causticity and stain-advancing tannins.
  2. Red WineNotorious for recoloring teeth and evacuating veneer.
  3. SmokingTar and clingy buildup join to teeth.
  4. Delicate DrinksChromogen-rich beverages may add to yellowing
  5. SweetsOften contain shading recoloring colors.
  6. AntibioticsChemicals may cling to calcium and may stain.

It occurs. In the present selfie culture cameras are in everybody’s pocket. Furthermore, you see them with their telephones – Out snapping many pictures until they get the correct look. At that point, they see you and state… “Come take a selfie with me”.

However, you may dither or even turn down the chance. All since you fear one straightforward word…


Do you wish your grin was more brilliant? Are your teeth concealed from long periods of drinking espresso or tea? Or then again perhaps you were a smoker. Do you shroud your grin due to profound situated staining?

Yellow teeth may cause humiliation, deny you from grinning, or even harm your certainty. What’s more, may influence your connections, both individual and expert.

Discover Your Beautiful, Bright, White Smile Again!

Be-White’s brightening light uses a similar blue light innovation found in numerous dental specialist workplaces. The light securely goes through the hard finish to target and separate yellow stains at the base. This procedure enables the brightening to gel work all the more viably.

Exceptionally fit Mess-less gel plate form to any mouth shape and size. Not any more missing your back teeth since you have a “major mouth”. Or then again prohibitive mouth watches that vibe like they have a place in a torment prison. Modify YOUR gel plate in as meager as 5 minutes. For a fit structured only for you. So you can be certain your gel stays where it has a place – on your teeth, not your restroom vanity.

The Mess-less gel utensil conveys the brightening operator with accuracy. That implies decreased waste as you expertly include the specific perfect measure of gel each time. So you get more uses from your item. Furthermore, you never need to contact the gel.

Say NO to Expensive, Painful, Damaging Bleaching Options

❌Professional Whitening

✅Painful Procedure

✅May cause sensitive teeth

✅Don’t stay in place

❌Whitening toothpaste

✅Increased Sensitivity

✅Less potent on stains

✅Creates giant messes.

❌At Home gel strips

✅Bleeding / Blisters

✅Temporary Results

✅May cause tender gums

The Whitening Dream Team

Hydrogen Peroxide. Lift your certainty with an oxidizing operator that assaults natural pigmented atoms found in the polish of the tooth. This oxidation decreases the size of the natural shade. Studies show when you add a blue light to Hydrogen Peroxide the oxidation procedure increments. Which is the reason your teeth look recognizably more white after just a couple of utilizations.

Fundamental Oil. At the point when combined with Hydrogen Peroxide, Essential Oils help reinforce the bond between the peroxide and the pigmented particles that cause yellowing. This enables your grin to remain more white and more brilliant for more.

Get the RIGHT attention when you smile.

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